Coralba Mini/t

If you only occasionally need to measure accurate road lengths or distances, or for example only need to keep a very precise speed, then the Coralba Mini/t is perfect for you. It is built in the same way with the same reliability as the professional models. It is easy to install and use and the functions are a good balanced subset for the user with a low budget.


The Coralba Mini/t has two tripmeters, which can be used individually. It is simple to preset a value and to halt one of the tripmeters. The tripmeter also automatically switches direction when the car is travelling in reverse.

A precision speedometer shows the exact speed of your vehicle.

When the instrument is not in use it will automatically switch itself into an idling mode where the display and the keyboard are totally dark. When a button is pressed or the car starts moving it is automatically turned on again.

Distance units (e.g. feet, meters) are pre-set at the factory and cannot be altered by the user.

Technical specification:
Power 12 volt (24 volt optional)
Size 78 x 45 x 52 mm
Weight 180 grams
Shock 100 G
Operating temp. -25°C to +85°C
Additional equipment: