Coralba µ/3

The Coralba µ/3 contains the same functions as a Coralba Trip/3. It is specially designed for winter road maintenance where the friction coefficient is displayed at the same time as other values. One possible use is to display distance, friction and temperature, which would give all the relevant information at the same time.


There are three very precise tripmeters, which can be set to measure distance separately in different directions. It is easy to freeze, halt, preset a value or correct it even without stopping the car. The instrument uses a patented method to measure the centre of a junction from a moving vehicle. The tripmeter automatically switches direction when the car is travelling in reverse.

Friction testing
A friction coefficient is determined by measuring how quickly the car decelerates using its braking system. A corrected value is also calculated adjusting for wind resistance and up/down hill effect.

A precision speedometer shows the actual speed of your vehicle, as well as average and maximum speed. There is also an optional speed threshold that warns the user should they exceed a certain speed.

Automatic journey measurement
This is a very easy way to monitor the total distance and time for an assignment. The instrument starts automatically when the car moves. At the end of the job the split function shows distance, time, average and maximum speed.

If the instrument is connected to an optional sensor it can show the outside temperature with a precision down to one decimal

Unit Counting
The instrument is equipped with a register to count number of any kind of items, such as lamp columns, gullies, potholes etc.

When the instrument is not in use it will automatically switch itself into an idling mode where the display and the keyboard are totally dark. When a button is pressed or the car starts moving it is automatically turned on again.

The instrument can be set to measure different units for distance and speed.

Miles + yards
Nautical miles
Miles + feet
Kilometers per hour
Miles per hour
Meters per minute
Feet per minute
Meters per second


Technical specification:
Power 12 volt (24 volt optional)
Size 193 x 45 x 52 mm
Weight 370 grams
Shock 100 G
Operating temp. -25°C to +85°C
Additional equipment:
Temperature sensor
RS232C communication
Printer output
Extra decimal indication
One or two remote controllers